Little World Preschool 7114 Greeley Street, Tujunga, California 91042, United States

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Little World Preschool

Let's learn!

Our Community

Our Preschool Program serves approximately 24 students. The success of our program is dependent on outstanding staff, involved parents, and strong community support.

Our preschool program’s philosophy recognizes each child as a unique and capable individual. We strive to provide a program which fosters creativity and encourages curiosity and love of learning. Our Program allows for optimum growth and development in the following areas:

  • Social/Emotional (includes ethnic and cultural recognition)
  • Language
  • Physical
  • Self-Help/Hygiene
  • Fine Motor
  • Cognitive

These areas are addressed in a positive learning environment which promotes feelings of self-worth and success. We offer art, music, dramatic play activities, science, social studies, literacy and math experiences.